X-ray Diffraction


High resolution X-ray diffractometer X'Pert PRO MRD (PANalytical, Netherlands)
with a set of X-ray optic components for use in standard coplanar diffraction scheme,
grazing incidence x-ray diffraction scheme and for reflectometry.

Features of the complex:
  • determination the concentration of 2-component solid solutions and the level of residual elastic strain in epitaxial layers GeSi; InGaAs; GaAsN and others.
  • determination the parameters of multilayer epitaxial structures by X-ray diffraction: the thickness of the layers, structure, periodicity.
  • measurements of parameters and structure of crystallites in amorphous and crystalline matrices, including Si in SiOx.
  • determination of parameters for multilayer mirrors using X-ray reflectometry  of layers thickness, period and dispersion.