Confocal Raman Spectroscopy

  • triple spectrometer Horiba Jobin-Yvon T64000 (Horiba Scientific, France);
  • Confocal microscope UV-Visible-NIR Olympus BX41 (Japan);
  • Registration: CCD TE-1024x256 Andor (200 ÷ 1050nm) and InGaAs detector LN-IGA-512x1 (800 ÷ 1550nm)
  • XYZ motorized scanning table with a pitch of 0.1 microns (Marghauser SensoTech GmbH, Germany);
  • HeCd laser, Ar-Kr laser Stabilite 2018-RM Spectra Physics 2.5W (USA);
  • Optical micro-cryostat RC102-CFM of vibration level ≤15 nm, T = 3.5 ÷ 325 K (CIA CRYO Industries, USA);
  • micro-thermoelectric cell Linkam Scientific Instruments THMS600, T = 78 ÷ 900 K (England).

  • Optical range: 300 - 1700 nm;
  • Spectral resolution: 0.15 cm-1;
  • Low temperature study: T = 3.5 ÷ 900 K;
  • Low frequency study: ≥5 cm-1;
  • Step XYZ scanning: 0.1.

Features of the complex:
  • Optical spectroscopy of quantum-sized objects with submicron spatial resolution.
  • Raman and luminescence microanalysis radiative properties, structure, chemical composition, electronic and phonon excitations in solids, physico-chemical characterization of semiconductors, chemicals and nanostructures for modern micro-, nano- and optoelectronics devices with submicron spatial resolution.
  • Raman and fluorescent 2D-3D spatial mapping, strain and composition; temperature (thermography); concentration and mobility of charge carriers; optical radiation nanostructures;
  • Optical low temperature phonon research, plasmon-phonon, electron excitations, radiative recombination of charge carriers in condensed matter.